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What is it for?

This specific tool offered by Website Copier is very useful in case the website you want to download is offline or it has shut down, we can copy all the assets and pages from the huge web archive known as wayback machine.

Can you download backend?

Even though our site puller tool is very sophisticated, the backend files such as databases and PHP cannot be copied for 2 important reasons: the code can't be seen in any ways and it is not a legal practice.

What if the website I want to copy is NOT offline?

If the website you are looking to download is reachable online you should go back to the main page of our website and use the default site copy tool.

Is delivery immediate after purchase?

As for now, the delivery is not yet automatic but we will make sure to deliver your order in less than 12 hours at your e-mail address.


the uniqueness of our website puller

Save whole website

Don't miss any page and get all the website front end files downloaded as you see it.

Very accurate

Unlike httrack online website copier, our tool is very accurate and copies all informations and pages.

Local assets

All the assets and pages will be downloaded and referenced in your local hard disk.

Wayback copier

One of the best features we have is that even if the website you want to copy is unavailable we are still able to see and clone the content.

Fast delivery

A zip file containing the copied website files will be sent to your e-mail in less than 12 hours.

Mobile friendly

When we are copying the website we always make sure to keep it responsive on any device.

Actually very useful..

Take an older backup

The only way to get a part of your website's older version is to surf the Wayback Machine but there it would be very harsh to copy the code, that's why we invented Wayback Machine copier.

Bypass censorship

Sometimes websites are different for each country and some of them can't even access it, by using our website puller you can bypass the censorship and surf the website in your local network.

Access website with no internet

Maybe you are doing a live presentation of your business and you don't have internet.. well, by using our site copier tool you are able to surf a website offline directly in your device.

Website Recovery

What if your hosting provider decided suddenly to suspend or terminate your web hosting service? You would be really in trouble without a proper backup copy of your website. Here comes into play once again by letting you download an unavailable website thanks to our Wayback machine downloader.