How it works

website copier explained


After you've placed the order and paid the invoice with one of the available payment methods such as PayPal and Cryptocurrency, one of our agents will take care of it within 12 hours and start the copying process.
As for now, the delivery is manual so each order is assigned to an agent that will process and complete it, though we plan to make this automatic and provide instant delivery in the future.

Copying process

Once the order has been assigned to the agent, he will start scraping the website you provided with our tool, this way he'll be able to see all their pages and all their files. There the tool will automatically start downloading assets (images, styles, javascript, html, etc..), creating local folders to store everything and referencing the css and other things in the html files.


The tool automatically create a zip file containing all the files of the website when finished to download it, after this happens our agent will take the zip file and send it to the email you've provided during order process.

We are actually planning to make the whole process (ordering -> copying -> delivery) automatic and immediate for users through an API.